Protect Your Life Story – with Special Guest Sheila Richey, widow of George Richey

Everyone has a Life Story! Right now, recording artists, songwriters, bands, authors, and the like, are being highlighted as their lives are dramatically portrayed on television, in movies, and on streaming services. Red Giant Rights Group CEO Robert King shares his insights and opinions on the importance of protecting your life story, or the life story of your loved one – with a compelling interview featuring Sheila Slaughter Richey, widow of George Richey (a primary character in the Showtime series GEORGE & TAMMY).

What Happens to my Copyrights When I Die?

Considering the recent death of Eddie Van Halen, Robert dives into what actually happens to your copyrights when you die, and how to best protect them, and your family members, while you’re still alive. And now, here’s Red Giant Right’s Group CEO, Robert King!

Black Artists Historically Signed Lopsided Record Contracts

On today’s podcast, we will explore a recent memo sent from the president of BMG, Hartwig Masuch, in response to racial inequality in the music industry. Robert also dives into contract exploitation using present day examples. Enjoy the show!

Popular Recording Artists and Songwriters are Protecting Their Copyrights. Are You?

On today’s podcast, Robert dives deeper into why you should protect your copyrights and what the process looks like. This process is currently helping many of the top artists in the world. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

The Power of Owning Your Copyrights

Hello and Welcome to “Protect Your Copyrights” with Red Giant Rights Group CEO, Robert King! On today’s podcast, we will explore the power of owning your copyrights. Through real life examples, Robert shines a light on the importance of owning your creative works. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!