A Message From Our CEO

Thanks for taking a minute to learn more about Red Giant Rights Group.

We started this company in 2016 with the Artist in mind.  Simply, I have a heart for the Artist and the Artist’s plight.  I’m also a singer/songwriter – however, not as successful as most of you reading this.  What we creatives share is the desire to create and to share our Art. 

In college I studied Drama, Music, Musical Theatre, and Acting, and did my share of performances on stage in plays, musicals, a one-man show, and live concerts as a solo recording artist and with a band in small venues.  I’ve admired musicians, recording artists, and songwriters as long as I can remember.  My mother is a Wills and a cousin of Bob Wills.  I’m told, as a toddler I rode on Faron Young’s tour bus, with my single mother, who was his friend.    And, my first concert (that I remember) was at 8 years old, in 1976, at the Coliseum in Lubbock, TX.  I saw Elvis!

After college, when I decided to get married to the #LoveOfMyLife, I set aside Music/Theatre/Acting/Singing and went into business to pay the bills.  My career choices exposed me to touring/booking, public relations, marketing, artist management, sales, sales training, sales coaching, public speaking, entrepreneurship, negotiating contracts with multi-billion dollar companies, customer service, product development, budgeting, and corporate strategy. Meanwhile, my wife and I have been blessed with an extraordinary life and three Remarkable, Incredible, and Amazing children (#GreatestKidsOfAllTime!).

20 years later, we launched Red Giant with the concept of applying all of our learned business acumen to the benefit of creatives – some of which would much rather create than deal with business!  Just as importantly, we are an industry champion on behalf of surviving family members who more often than not could use help navigating the potential and utility of their valuable copyrights.

Red Giant is dedicated to assisting the older Artist with Copyright Protection by applying the intricacies of the US Copyright Act to their advantage and to the advantage of any surviving family members.  We specialize in copyright termination and partner with some of the best copyright attorneys in the US.  We spearhead the negotiation process to ensure that the Artist or Artist’s family receives every remuneration that they deserve.  Additionally, we offer important services for our Artists including, but not limited to: contract negotiation, royalty review, licensing/synchronization promotion, publishing, distribution, podcasting, merchandising, marketing, strategy, name/likeness, life story, etc.

We hope that you’ll discover that Red Giant is different because WE GET IT!  We’re not attorneys looking to charge you billable hours.  We’re not your best friend or relative that once heard of reversions, read an article on the internet, and thinks that they can help you.  Copyright Termination is Federal Law gifted to you by the US Congress.  It is not a joke.  It is not a hoax.  It’s real and it’s happening right now!  Red Giant can shepherd you through the process and help you navigate the pitfalls so that you are no longer in the dark, ill-informed, or missing out on potential financial benefit for generations.

Happy to answer any questions.  If you are a songwriter, recording artist, author, playwright, screenwriter, (or a surviving family member), or otherwise once granted or sold your copyrights to another person or entity, call me directly on my cell phone for a confidential conversation and a comprehensive assessment of your rights: 917-848-9934.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Robert King

PS. Our dog Georgia (in front) and her next-door neighbor, best-friend Riggins.  “She ain’t nothing but a HOUND DOG…”

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