Copyright Protection

Red Giant is dedicated to assisting mature artists, or their surviving family members, protect their copyrights by applying the Copyright Act to their advantage.

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Red Giant Rights Group

Our clients have collectively:

  • sold over 100 million albums
  • released 350+ albums
  • won 23 Grammys
  • been nominated for 79 Grammys
  • had 59 #1 hits
  • had 105 Top 10 hits
  • had 172 Top 40 hits
  • had 37 International #1s
  • had 78 International Top 10s
  • had 107 International Top 40s
  • written 6 books
  • been featured on Broadway 11 times
  • written songs for Eric Clapton, Tony Bennett, Dolly Parton, Barry Manilow, Sam Cooke, Britney Spears, Anne Murray, Wynonna Judd, Barbara Streisand, Amy Grant, Ennio Morricone, and others.

We're proud to provide comprehensive services to our clients including copyright protection and recapture and the exploitation of their copyrights for profit.  We also make sure that our clients are making all the money that they deserve and negotiate on their behalf with their best interests in mind.

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To read Robert King's Open Letter to the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee suggesting an amendment to Music Modernization Act before casting a vote, click here.